Wii Refurb. $115 #Deal

cowboom.com (A Best Buy company) has the Nintendo Wii Refurb. for $115. The model does have motion plus, which is adds additional depth to some games via the Wii controller.

This is a great price and for those who are brave to ‘jailbreak’ / hack the Wii to allow homebrew, this gets you a DVD player, with streaming via a WiiMC, Netflix, for a really competitive price, just without HDMI / HD video output. A trade-off for sure, but a deal none the less, while supplies last.

Source: cowboom.com (as accessed on 3/31/11 @ 9:15am ET)

Why I’ve also Switched From Chrome to Firefox 4 [web browsers]

Lifehacker has a great post from Whitson switching back to Firefox from Chrome. A great read and I agree.

You’ve probably heard a lot about Firefox 4′s new interface, speed, and feature improvements, but many of you have already left it for Chrome. Here’s why Firefox’s newest version is worth another look, even if you’re a diehard Chrome user.

He cites:

  • Speed
  • UI
  • Ability to easily tweak the configuration
  • Sync Custom Search Engines
  • Mobile Sync
  • Security Certificates

I’d also add to the list:

  • Plugins – I prefer the Plugin collection of Firefox over Chrome.

via Why I’ve Switched From Chrome to Firefox 4 [Web Browsers].

GarageBand runs on iPhone 4, sorta’

See YouTube video and photos.

Much doesn’t work, but I was able to play Smart Keyboard. I’m on 4.2.1, maybe it would be better on 4.3…

Could be a way to for app to resize. Not sure. My hope is that others will see this and maybe spark some interest.


Photos after the break.

Shout out to ryan petrich for DisplayRecorder.


I’ll list out the steps I took. Ask questions in the comments:

1. Jailbreak your iPhone @ 4.2.1
2. Install OpenSSH package.
3. Buy GarageBand on your computer via iTunes. Find downloaded app on your computer: GarageBand 1.0.0.ipa
4. Unarchive the file. You may need to rename it to: GarageBand 1.0.0.ipa.zip
5. Using Cyberduck, connect to your iPhone and copy the folder “MobileGarageBand.app” from the uncompressed archive into the folder: /var/stash/Applications
5a. Change permissions (chmod) the directory aka folder “MobileGarageBand.app” to 775 or use iFile (U: RWE, G: RWE, W: RE)
5b. Change permissions (chmod) the application “MobileGarageBand” to 775 or use iFile (U: RWE, G: RWE, W: RE)
6. Reboot phone and you will see the app.
7. Run it and enjoy the rather limited functionality ;)

Update #1 3/3/2011 – Added in 5a & 5b

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Faking native iOS apps with HTML/CSS/JavaScript

via kottke.org Faking native iOS apps with HTML/CSS/JavaScript



Faking native iOS apps with HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Matt Might has a nice tutorial on how to make mobile web apps look like native iOS apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you a flick a web app past the bottom or top of the page, the page itself gets elastically tugged away from the URL bar or the button bar (or the bottom/top of the screen if it’s in full-screen mode).

This behavior is another giveaway that your app isn’t native, and it’s rarely the behavior you want in a native app.

To stop this behavior, capture touchmove events on the document in JavaScript and cancel them. You can do this by adding a handler to the body tag, and invoking the preventDefault method on the event object.

Huh, you can even do “pull to refresh” in JavaScript.


gHome : Replace your landline with Google Voice

gHome Replaces Your Landline with Google Voice for Only $5 a Month

Via Slashgear :

gHome, by TelTub is an SIP-based VoIP service which can be used as a home phone-line using a SIP analog telephony adaptor (ATA) and your high speed connection. You can either use your own standard VoIP adaptor or order a pre-configured one from TELTUB for $50. The service was launched in January.

Read the full story

I’m very interested in this. As I have DSL, it would need to turn into a ‘Dry loop’, which is what TeleCos call a subscriber who only has DSL and not dial-tone phone service (also known as POTS – Plain Old Telephone Service).

Likely could save most $30 a month, nothing to balk at.

Google Voice Discovered Allowing Pure VoIP Calls

electronista reported the following great news:

Google Voice users learned late Monday that the service now has a way of making purely Internet-based phone calls. Making a SIP call with a “sip:” prefix, the Google Voice phone number and @sip.voice.google.com skips the conventional phone network entirely, saving users cellphone minutes.

Disruptive Telephony tested it and found that a call worked “great.”
The development is relatively new and, according to Google’s partner YATE (Yet Another Telephony Engine), was added on January 31 without any public mention.

Spoke’s email about Reconnecting, fails to

I just got the below email from Spoke.com. I like the message they were trying to send: “Reconnect & protect important contacts with Spoke”

Here’s where they started to loose me:

The cusp of a new year always provides great opportunities to reaffirm the relationships you’ve built over the past year.

Besides the holidays, December 26th is also Nation Thank You Note Day.  Use this opportunity to send a note, separate of your holiday wishes, to specifically thank your customers, partners, and colleagues for their support over the past year.

I guess I’m just confused why they are sending this now. Maybe it was timely back in December….

spoke.com email

IMCapture for FaceTime (Mac) captures chats | MacNN

IMCapture, a Mac OS X  software application has announced support for Facetime. The pplcation previosuily supported recording Skype and Yahoo Messenger.
From MacNN:

“The program can be set to run in the background and thus automatically record any incoming or outgoing FaceTime call (from either an iPhone 4 or another Mac), or activated manually. Users have the option of recording just audio if preferred (can be saved as AAC, MP3 or WMA format), and after the call is over the video files can be exported in one of several QuickTime-supported formats (MOV, MPEG-4, SWF and FLV among others). The program captures both video streams, allowing for easy editing in video programs such as iMovie.”

Source: IMCapture for FaceTime (Mac) captures chats | MacNN.

You’ve reached Jon, please leave a message -Duke Nukem

Jon with his Duke Nukem babes at PAX Seattle
Game Bandits has a great article on a popular voice of the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever game. I saw an article a few years ago that stuck in my mind about some Gamers hiring Jon St John for some voice over work for a mod they were working on. I believe this is the correct link.

This got me thinking of getting a ‘celebrity’ voice greeting for my AT&T mobile voicemail mailbox. So, last April I decided to throw caution to the wind and pay a whopping $50 to hire Jon St. John in his voice for a 30 seconds worth audio. There’s a disclaimer on his site that it’s for ‘private use only’ and I feel that my persona voicemail greeting is private, since you’d have to know my phone number.

Jon was really great to work with, and was quick to deliver the audio. I took the audio and thanks to a few tricks that I’ll document sometime, was able to get the file, in high quality, back into the AT&T voicemail system.

Hit requires a JailBroken iPhone, the iFile app from Cydia or similar way to access file system, a conversion of the delivered audio to .amr and a visit to: /var/mobile/Library/Voicemail

I tried to save Harpers

Here’s the email I just got. Sad that some bureaucrat seems to be bent on a bad call.


From: Save Harpers < harpersmagazineunion@{redacted}.com >

Dear Friends of Harper’s Magazine,

This afternoon, your generous pledges of more than $50,000 were rejected by lawyers representing our publisher, John R. “Rick” MacArthur. Sadly, he will give no ground on the layoffs, which he intends to see happen before contract negotiations can proceed. Having offered—last week, and again today—numerous other ways to reduce costs and avoid cutting experienced staff, we are deeply disappointed in this outcome, but we are truly touched that so many of you (more than 800!) pledged so much in just a few short days.

Thank you, and long live Harper’s Magazine!

—The members of The Harper’s Union

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