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oh DirecTV TiVo why doth thou season passes break’eth

So, the wife has informed me that the season passes for the child’s favorite shows are bust. I was able to correctly guess the reason, some guide data change at DirecTV, without even checking the TiVo.

Turn out folk with various DirecTV TiVos are seeing the same problem. (via tivocommunity.com) Some people seemed to indicate that upgrading to the latest DirecTV TiVo version 6.4a might help the issue. (check out this great page at dvrpedia.com listing all TiVo Software versions!)

Looks like I just have to manually rebuild my season passes, which is a breeze via the TivoWebPlus web interface vs. using the remote to do it.  I love my Zipper’d & hacked (as in improved, not stealing) unit.

I am considering migrating the various boxes to 6.4a. I found this great post by dvrupgrade giving a script and a rundown on what to do in case the 6.4a software isn’t in the stream (on the box waiting to be installed).

I do love my Multi-Room Viewing (MRV) and 6.4a kills that.  Booo!  Decisions, Decisions.

Too many Passwords!

I have been online now since 1995. Over the 13 years I’ve realized that there are simply too many passwords.

Thank god for SplashID. This was the first application I purchased when the iPhone App Store when live. It’s a god send!. I have over 300 passwords stored in it.

SplashID can also store other data like account, notes, you name it.

If you have an iPhone or other mobile device, you NEED to get SplashID!

SplashID for the iPhone (App Store Link)

SplashID for the iPhone

SplashID for the iPhone

The Social Calling Card

I routinely visit a handful of blog sites. LifeHacker today had an article about a Social Calling Card, linking back to a ‘new for me’ blog ‘The Art of Manliness’.

I had a Social Calling Card printed back in 2000. I merely had my full name, my mobile and my email.  Looking at these posts, I guess it’s time to update them. I use them sporadically, and they are very helpful when used.

Time for YOU to get your Social Calling Card.

Finally, DirecTV is getting a HD TiVo receiver

Thanks to Gizmodo, via Zatz Not Funny!, I’ve read the SWEETEST thing. It’s really the best news in months. DirecTV is getting HD TiVo receiver.

Over time you will learn my love for TiVo is deep, and my need fot DirecTV is absolute, as that’s my only option.

I have stayed a Standard Definition TV (SDTV), for years despite the taunting and mocking of my friends, family and peers.  I refuse to leave my TiVo behind.  Better start a ‘collection cup’ for both.

Locking down FireFox / ‘child proofing’ the internet

I previously covered restricting OS X Tiger, but now I need to add some ‘child proofing’ to FireFox, the main application of my target user. In the process of searching for an intuitive and easy to administer solution, I found some candidates, but one winner, Glaxstar’s Glubble.

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Locking down OS X (Tiger) / ‘child proofing’

I’ve been asked a few times to get my sister-in-law a computer so she can email. She reiceved a ‘MailStation‘ as a gift. I never had the heart to tell her it was junk.

Since I’ve arrived at Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) for the iMac G3 I salvaged for free from Craigslist, I need to lock down the UI.  Sure, in Tiger, there are plenty of ‘Parental Controls’ but selecting the most restrictive setting of: ‘This user can only use these applications’, adds several Folders to the Dock such as Documents, Applications. Given this particular user, I felt it would confuse more then it would help.

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