Locking down FireFox / ‘child proofing’ the internet

I previously covered restricting OS X Tiger, but now I need to add some ‘child proofing’ to FireFox, the main application of my target user. In the process of searching for an intuitive and easy to administer solution, I found some candidates, but one winner, Glaxstar’s Glubble.

There are several ways to implement a filter to prevent any ‘topics of concern’ from being loaded in FireFox and web browsers in general. One FireFox add-on I found which could do that was Fox Filter. I tried this out on my primary computer’s FireFox install, but found it very efficient, but lacked the ability to remotely administer new rules and polices.

Since this machine is for someone outside my physical household, I can’t touch the machine for updates often.

Step forward Glaxstar’s Glubble. The Glubble Family Edition add-on allows ‘parents’ to administer content, children to request access to new websites, which might have been blocked by the hammer of Fox Filter. If I approve, it becomes allowed and the child view the website without making modifications to any rules or filters. The approval or rejection of website requests can occur if a parent is surfing with FireFox and logged in as a Glubble parent, on a different machine. Many homes likely have at least one PC.

Following the paradigm from my post on restricting OS X Tiger,

  1. log into the restricted user account
  2. Launch FireFox
  3. Visit glubble.com, and install the Glubble Add-on
  4. FireFox will prompt you to allow the installation of the add-on, accept and allow.
  5. Once Glubble is installed, restart FireFox by either closing it, or clicking on the ‘Restart FireFox’ button.
  6. FireFox will load. Accept the terms and conditions of Glubble, and click on “Create a new account” at the top of FireFox. You will be guided through the Glubble setup process.

Note: If computer is for children only, then you may not want to install the parent Glubble profile on this machine. A password is required to log into the parent account, but if you don’t plan to log into the parent account, just don’t add it. If it’s added, click on the small x next to the name of that tab and it will allow you to remove that user tab.

Glubble stores the various account settings in the cloud. This allows easy remote administration and control. There are many features worth looking at in Glubble such as: their default safe websites called ‘Glubbles, the ‘family wall’, the ‘Last surfed’ information for the children accounts.

Glubble seems to fit the bill for child proofing the internet, IMO.


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