Twitter Updates for 2011-03-05

  • US house prices fall to 1890s levels (where they usually are)
    Crap. I'm big time in the hole now. #
  • Experimenting with my under utilized Blog and Tweets. If you see some extra noise today, try to ignore. I hope to figure it out shortly. #
  • ~1 month ago I was in a pile-up on the drive to work. Car is fixed & ready today. I miss it. Rental car is a gas HOG Chevy Cobalt #
  • Botched Paperwork Delays Law Capping Gas Tax
    3 months of extra tax revenue, doesn't sound like an accident by County #
  • #GuessItCouldBeWorse 1 Car radiator leaked driving home, hose wasn't on
    2 Rental car insurance not covered by Auto Ins
    3 Family all sick #


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