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Why do we blog? Who cares?

The main reason I first got online in 1993, via SLIP, Chamelon, and a local ISP named Charmnet was to connect and learn. Over the years I have done that, and I’d like to capture some of that for myself, as I’m sure I’m going to forget things, as well as for others who might benifit.

This blog will cover a plethora of topics, but it will also be a sandbox for me to tinker with things too. If you like what you read, or not, or have a question drop me a line.

Topics I’ll likely cover:

  • TiVo (DirecTV TiVo mainly, but also general TiVo corporate)
  • iPhone (Proper and Jailbreak) and Mobile devices
  • Apple / OS X (Proper and Hackintosh)
  • Web Development
  • Technology
  • ‘Rants’
  • Anything else that a geeky father stumbles upon in life

More to follow

March 1st

I’ve been on hiatus from the blogging world due to work conflicts. Now that I feel that they don’t exist, I’m back. My goal will be 1 post a week starting 3/15.

Bottom line. Subscribe to my RSS feed or follow me on Twitter @methodicjon

More good stuff coming!