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gHome : Replace your landline with Google Voice

gHome Replaces Your Landline with Google Voice for Only $5 a Month

Via Slashgear :

gHome, by TelTub is an SIP-based VoIP service which can be used as a home phone-line using a SIP analog telephony adaptor (ATA) and your high speed connection. You can either use your own standard VoIP adaptor or order a pre-configured one from TELTUB for $50. The service was launched in January.

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I’m very interested in this. As I have DSL, it would need to turn into a ‘Dry loop’, which is what TeleCos call a subscriber who only has DSL and not dial-tone phone service (also known as POTS – Plain Old Telephone Service).

Likely could save most $30 a month, nothing to balk at.

Google Voice Discovered Allowing Pure VoIP Calls

electronista reported the following great news:

Google Voice users learned late Monday that the service now has a way of making purely Internet-based phone calls. Making a SIP call with a “sip:” prefix, the Google Voice phone number and @sip.voice.google.com skips the conventional phone network entirely, saving users cellphone minutes.

Disruptive Telephony tested it and found that a call worked “great.”
The development is relatively new and, according to Google’s partner YATE (Yet Another Telephony Engine), was added on January 31 without any public mention.

Google Voice, FaceTime and having privacy with a public phone number

In all my recent FaceTime tinkering it came to me that I could easily post my Google Voice phone number as my FaceTime number.

The idea being you could post the Google Voice number anywhere. You can accept or decline audio phone calls however you see fit and convert any audio phone call you want to make a FaceTime video call seamlessly with the press of a button.

Many popular tech people on Twitter publish their phone number. Having that number be a Google Voice phone number would allow you to have multiple phones and allow ‘protected’ FaceTime calling since they’ always start as audio calls, you can also have call forwarding and other controls.

Another great thing about Google Voice.

A Simple Graphic of Using a Google Voice Number
and FaceTime Calling