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I tried to save Harpers

Here’s the email I just got. Sad that some bureaucrat seems to be bent on a bad call.


From: Save Harpers < harpersmagazineunion@{redacted}.com >

Dear Friends of Harper’s Magazine,

This afternoon, your generous pledges of more than $50,000 were rejected by lawyers representing our publisher, John R. “Rick” MacArthur. Sadly, he will give no ground on the layoffs, which he intends to see happen before contract negotiations can proceed. Having offered—last week, and again today—numerous other ways to reduce costs and avoid cutting experienced staff, we are deeply disappointed in this outcome, but we are truly touched that so many of you (more than 800!) pledged so much in just a few short days.

Thank you, and long live Harper’s Magazine!

—The members of The Harper’s Union

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albelli, a review of the fubar photo service

I was alerted to the photo service albelli via slickdeals.net with a

Albelli.com has a free 24-page photo book using coupon code momspaceab81 with free shipping.

The deal sounded too good to be true, in proper form, that seemed to be the case. The short version is STAY AWAY. You’re better off using Snapfish or some other photo service.

So here’s what happened….

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