Apple showing an uncivilized Side

David Carr with the New York Times had an article on May 2, 2010 entitled: A Lost iPhone Shows Apple’s Churlish Side.

Here’s an email I sent him with some of my comments & thoughts.


With respect to your recent article re: Apple’s Churlish Side

I agree that their visiting the suspects home was behavior befitting a more brutish, paranoid organization and the search and seizure at Jason Chen’s home has yet to be ruled legal or illegal. Apple’s positon on REACT likely fueled the legal effort.

I’m not making judgement yet but would encourage you to consider an update with a detail:

In light of this prior action my Gawker, I feel Apple has no choice but to assert itself as the iPhone 4G was second frontal assault by Gawker in a short time.

With both the iPad treasure hunt and the iPhone 4G in view, Gawker has crossed a line of journalist and headed towards facailating corporate espionage.

Some thoughts. Would welcome hearing from you.

Sorry for any typos, doing this from my phone.