Why I’ve also Switched From Chrome to Firefox 4 [web browsers]

Lifehacker has a great post from Whitson switching back to Firefox from Chrome. A great read and I agree.

You’ve probably heard a lot about Firefox 4′s new interface, speed, and feature improvements, but many of you have already left it for Chrome. Here’s why Firefox’s newest version is worth another look, even if you’re a diehard Chrome user.

He cites:

  • Speed
  • UI
  • Ability to easily tweak the configuration
  • Sync Custom Search Engines
  • Mobile Sync
  • Security Certificates

I’d also add to the list:

  • Plugins – I prefer the Plugin collection of Firefox over Chrome.

via Why I’ve Switched From Chrome to Firefox 4 [Web Browsers].

Locking down FireFox / ‘child proofing’ the internet

I previously covered restricting OS X Tiger, but now I need to add some ‘child proofing’ to FireFox, the main application of my target user. In the process of searching for an intuitive and easy to administer solution, I found some candidates, but one winner, Glaxstar’s Glubble.

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