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Jon with his Duke Nukem babes at PAX Seattle
Game Bandits has a great article on a popular voice of the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever game. I saw an article a few years ago that stuck in my mind about some Gamers hiring Jon St John for some voice over work for a mod they were working on. I believe this is the correct link.

This got me thinking of getting a ‘celebrity’ voice greeting for my AT&T mobile voicemail mailbox. So, last April I decided to throw caution to the wind and pay a whopping $50 to hire Jon St. John in his voice for a 30 seconds worth audio. There’s a disclaimer on his site that it’s for ‘private use only’ and I feel that my persona voicemail greeting is private, since you’d have to know my phone number.

Jon was really great to work with, and was quick to deliver the audio. I took the audio and thanks to a few tricks that I’ll document sometime, was able to get the file, in high quality, back into the AT&T voicemail system.

Hit requires a JailBroken iPhone, the iFile app from Cydia or similar way to access file system, a conversion of the delivered audio to .amr and a visit to: /var/mobile/Library/Voicemail

Google Voice, FaceTime and having privacy with a public phone number

In all my recent FaceTime tinkering it came to me that I could easily post my Google Voice phone number as my FaceTime number.

The idea being you could post the Google Voice number anywhere. You can accept or decline audio phone calls however you see fit and convert any audio phone call you want to make a FaceTime video call seamlessly with the press of a button.

Many popular tech people on Twitter publish their phone number. Having that number be a Google Voice phone number would allow you to have multiple phones and allow ‘protected’ FaceTime calling since they’ always start as audio calls, you can also have call forwarding and other controls.

Another great thing about Google Voice.

A Simple Graphic of Using a Google Voice Number
and FaceTime Calling

Wi-Fi Sync for iPhone, iPod & iPad

Great news today. One of my must have iPhone apps, Wi-Fi Sync, is on-sale for next week and getting 3G and VPN sync in the future according to their press release today

This is for Jailbreakers only, since Apple choose to reject it.

Yet another great reason to Jailbreak. It’s easy!

Get Wi-Fi Sync

Cydia Direct App Linking / Package Link

I noticed last night in an email from Greg Hughes that Wi-Fi Sync launched on Cydia due to Apple’s AppStore rejection.

He had rather cumbersome directions to get to the app in Cydia. It got me thinking that there must be a better way.

Searching online didn’t reveal anything. A tweet and email to Saurik, aka Jay Freeman, hasn’t been answered and may never.

My research lead me to the solution.

It should look familiar to any developers. I share so anyone, bloggers, developers can add in-Cydia app links onto their websites to help users.


For your app, just grab your package ID (see third photo), and put it after package/


Update: 3/11/11 – Just noticed this isn’t working with my current version of Cydia 1.0.3366-1. humm..

Update: 3/29/11 – Cydia 1.1.1 released today corrects the bug that removed the ability for direct package / app links into Cydia.

Too many Passwords!

I have been online now since 1995. Over the 13 years I’ve realized that there are simply too many passwords.

Thank god for SplashID. This was the first application I purchased when the iPhone App Store when live. It’s a god send!. I have over 300 passwords stored in it.

SplashID can also store other data like account, notes, you name it.

If you have an iPhone or other mobile device, you NEED to get SplashID!

SplashID for the iPhone (App Store Link)

SplashID for the iPhone

SplashID for the iPhone