Wii Refurb. $115 #Deal

cowboom.com (A Best Buy company) has the Nintendo Wii Refurb. for $115. The model does have motion plus, which is adds additional depth to some games via the Wii controller.

This is a great price and for those who are brave to ‘jailbreak’ / hack the Wii to allow homebrew, this gets you a DVD player, with streaming via a WiiMC, Netflix, for a really competitive price, just without HDMI / HD video output. A trade-off for sure, but a deal none the less, while supplies last.

Source: cowboom.com (as accessed on 3/31/11 @ 9:15am ET)

GarageBand runs on iPhone 4, sorta’

See YouTube video and photos.

Much doesn’t work, but I was able to play Smart Keyboard. I’m on 4.2.1, maybe it would be better on 4.3…

Could be a way to for app to resize. Not sure. My hope is that others will see this and maybe spark some interest.


Photos after the break.

Shout out to ryan petrich for DisplayRecorder.


I’ll list out the steps I took. Ask questions in the comments:

1. Jailbreak your iPhone @ 4.2.1
2. Install OpenSSH package.
3. Buy GarageBand on your computer via iTunes. Find downloaded app on your computer: GarageBand 1.0.0.ipa
4. Unarchive the file. You may need to rename it to: GarageBand 1.0.0.ipa.zip
5. Using Cyberduck, connect to your iPhone and copy the folder “MobileGarageBand.app” from the uncompressed archive into the folder: /var/stash/Applications
5a. Change permissions (chmod) the directory aka folder “MobileGarageBand.app” to 775 or use iFile (U: RWE, G: RWE, W: RE)
5b. Change permissions (chmod) the application “MobileGarageBand” to 775 or use iFile (U: RWE, G: RWE, W: RE)
6. Reboot phone and you will see the app.
7. Run it and enjoy the rather limited functionality ;)

Update #1 3/3/2011 – Added in 5a & 5b

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Wi-Fi Sync for iPhone, iPod & iPad

Great news today. One of my must have iPhone apps, Wi-Fi Sync, is on-sale for next week and getting 3G and VPN sync in the future according to their press release today

This is for Jailbreakers only, since Apple choose to reject it.

Yet another great reason to Jailbreak. It’s easy!

Get Wi-Fi Sync

Cydia Direct App Linking / Package Link

I noticed last night in an email from Greg Hughes that Wi-Fi Sync launched on Cydia due to Apple’s AppStore rejection.

He had rather cumbersome directions to get to the app in Cydia. It got me thinking that there must be a better way.

Searching online didn’t reveal anything. A tweet and email to Saurik, aka Jay Freeman, hasn’t been answered and may never.

My research lead me to the solution.

It should look familiar to any developers. I share so anyone, bloggers, developers can add in-Cydia app links onto their websites to help users.


For your app, just grab your package ID (see third photo), and put it after package/


Update: 3/11/11 – Just noticed this isn’t working with my current version of Cydia 1.0.3366-1. humm..

Update: 3/29/11 – Cydia 1.1.1 released today corrects the bug that removed the ability for direct package / app links into Cydia.