Locking down FireFox / ‘child proofing’ the internet

I previously covered restricting OS X Tiger, but now I need to add some ‘child proofing’ to FireFox, the main application of my target user. In the process of searching for an intuitive and easy to administer solution, I found some candidates, but one winner, Glaxstar’s Glubble.

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Locking down OS X (Tiger) / ‘child proofing’

I’ve been asked a few times to get my sister-in-law a computer so she can email. She reiceved a ‘MailStation‘ as a gift. I never had the heart to tell her it was junk.

Since I’ve arrived at Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) for the iMac G3 I salvaged for free from Craigslist, I need to lock down the UI.  Sure, in Tiger, there are plenty of ‘Parental Controls’ but selecting the most restrictive setting of: ‘This user can only use these applications’, adds several Folders to the Dock such as Documents, Applications. Given this particular user, I felt it would confuse more then it would help.

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