oh DirecTV TiVo why doth thou season passes break’eth

So, the wife has informed me that the season passes for the child’s favorite shows are bust. I was able to correctly guess the reason, some guide data change at DirecTV, without even checking the TiVo.

Turn out folk with various DirecTV TiVos are seeing the same problem. (via tivocommunity.com) Some people seemed to indicate that upgrading to the latest DirecTV TiVo version 6.4a might help the issue. (check out this great page at dvrpedia.com listing all TiVo Software versions!)

Looks like I just have to manually rebuild my season passes, which is a breeze via the TivoWebPlus web interface vs. using the remote to do it.  I love my Zipper’d & hacked (as in improved, not stealing) unit.

I am considering migrating the various boxes to 6.4a. I found this great post by dvrupgrade giving a script and a rundown on what to do in case the 6.4a software isn’t in the stream (on the box waiting to be installed).

I do love my Multi-Room Viewing (MRV) and 6.4a kills that.  Booo!  Decisions, Decisions.